Commissioning the artist

What style of painting will I get?

David’s work is mostly a more contemporary style and he works principally with oils on canvas. Although his illustration work is watercolor and ink. He employs the impasto technique which enables a contemporary feel to his finished pieces.

Can you work from a photograph or travel to me?

David works from home and but will travel, to work on location.

You can tell when a landscape painting is painted, Plein Air, on location?

Many clients do commission him to paint their favorite scene by sending photographs. By commissioning a painting they choose to have an original creative record, that moment captured in time.

Modern cameras have become a vital tool to any artist. They can achieve amazing results as true focal distances and wide-angle depths of field have greatly improved. So you can send pictures if that’s what you prefer.

With regard to horses, if it is a portrait, ” I need someone to hold the lead rein”. and thats about it.

Will the picture be framed?

That decision is the clients, you can commission framed or unframed.

What does it cost?

It depends on your requirements.

How do I contact you?

David’s mobile number is 0868120910 or email him at

He is happy to chat with no obligation. “By commissioning a painting you’ve chosen to have an original creative record, a moment captured in time.”

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